31 July 2017


From the entrepreneurial idea of ​​Ezio Babini, with the aim of introducing and developing new assembly technologies in the electronics industry, Fittings s.r.l. was founded in 1980 as “Fittings for Industry”.

The development started by the founder has continued over the years thanks to the support of the family and sons who now carry on the management of the company, maintaining the original philosophy unchanged even in the evolution process of corporate policy.

The development of new digital technologies offers great opportunities for innovation and today Fittings can count on of the collaboration of a competent team that daily research, develops, manufactures, and offers a wide range of quality products and new solutions to solve all the problems of assembly and connection.

Thanks to the great experience acquired in the field of components, Fittings owns a production created on the deep knowledge of the international market, perfectly able to meet the needs required by the faster and progressive development of the sector. This is how the advanced and quality products made in Fittings are born. Due to the expertise acquired over the years, Fittings has become a benchmark for designers and R&D laboratories, through a constant consultation of the whole process, supporting the customer through conception, planning, production, quality control and supply of plastic and metal components for fixing and connection.

The continuous investigation to implement the offer of improvement solutions leads to a wider and ever-expanding range of products for electromechanical and electronic use with direct production, also customized, based on the requests for customization expressed by a clientele present in many countries worldwide.

Fittings offers technical support in solving problems, a customer service that guarantees quick and flexible answers, tailor-made solutions, and free samples. Since 2013, with the acquisition of Zaniboni Adriano srl, the first distributor of electrical and electronic components in Bologna, opened after the war, Fittings has extended its service, becoming a special landmark not only for its range of items, but also for the distribution of components by Keystone Electronics Corp. and Fronter Electronics Co., Ltd.

In 2017 its new product lines received the UL certifications (“Underwriters Laboratories Inc”) for the American market and CSA (“Canadian Standards Association”) for the Canadian market, fundamental product requirements for export, projecting Fittings more and more towards the international market.

End of 2018 Fittings joins the Conexcon group becoming Conexcon Italia, leader in the connection sector.

In November 2019, Fittings s.r.l. certifies its Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.

To better face the new competitive scenarios, with a warehouse of 1.000 square meters and 10.000 items in stock, in 2021 Fittings with an Industry 4.0 project has added a vertical warehouse to be able to satisfy requests in the shortest possible.